Mukilteo Skatepark, WA

Not the best angle, I was too busy skating to get a better shot.

Skate Park Hotline: (425) 353-9622 press 4 for park status and general information

The bowl is nice, see how small it makes me look?

Jay's going over the hip.

Jesse is doing a crazy frontside rock and roll.

Kevin now works at the YMCA. Cool huh?

Rob getting over the hip.

Max was getting about 4 feet out. Just mind blowing to watch him progress before your eyes!

Matt was finding the lines to the hips.

Phoenix is only 10 or something, and he's all over this bowl.

Steve stopped by to do some frontside 50-50's.

Michael works only across the street. I think he's going to be skating a little more now.

Traffic Camera close to the park.

Mukilteo's Offical page with times and pricing information.

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Some early construction photos and original design.

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