Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada Old Indoor Park (1978)

The Skateboard Palace (Opened Sept. 8, 1977, Canada's first indoor skatepark)

Eric Metcalfe's Burnaby photos from the '70's.

Tim and I visited the Burnaby skatepark a couple of times, it was housed under a ice rink, and one problem was the roof was so cold that it would condensate and drip, but they fixed that problem after a while. One time my dad brought us and a few members of our Jr. High School Skateboard club at the time. This is a picture of me in one of the bigger bowls. Notice no coping. I never had the lipslides wired, but it was pretty easy to do here.

Here's Tim. This picture was in our 1978 annual, hence the poor quality. You can see my board laying on the deck in the background. It was an interesting place, but the concrete dust was pretty bad at times.

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