This is an interesting park. With the Helmet shaped cradle, and a big door between the bowls, it's quite unique.

After looking at the helmet for a while, I'm of the opinion, that riding the inside of lip can't be done.

This was like the third time over the door. And I hadn't quite got the feel for it. I didn't grind, this was a wheeler all the way over...(Photo by Doug)

Cradles are fun, this one is unique, and the acoustics are really cool too. (Photo by Doug)

This was the last run of the day, and I was just getting that speed line down, notice you can't see my board, it's too high. (Photo by Doug)

More speed, more fun...notice the stickers can't be seen...hmm...I know I rode over a white sticker a couple times. I don't think I went as high as the orange sticker though. (Photo by Doug)

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Where is this park?
613 7th Ave W
Polson, Mt 59860

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