Finally getting my frontside airs up over the coping (Nov. '02).

Jeremy's front side airs are getting higher.

John's first time at Orcas, he had a blast!

Steve's first time also. 50-50 in the deepend.

Grinding Next to the Death Box is about a gnarly as I get.

Skating in the fog at Orcas. We spent about an hour drying it out, late November.

Here is the master creator himself. Mark (Monk) Hubbard over the death box. Mark is the man who actually constucted the park.

First time to Orcas was a blast, although the ferry system is a bummer, and expensive (July '02)

Even Jeremy like Orcas. Here he's hitting the over vert wall. It reminded me of a bob-sled run. Very fun!

Front side grind, there is a roll in and a "love seat". This is the first park I've see that had a love seat. Usually only back yard pools have love seats.

So many lines, so little time.

Here's the love seat.

Click play or download my First Internet Movie. Billy, Steve, and myself at Orcas 11/29/02, (924KB). (quicktime)

Download Quicktime player here if you need to.

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Orcas Island, Washington Skatepark
699 Mt Baker Rd.
Eastsound, WA 98245