The Crew. Dave decided it was time. So, we all followed his lead. We had a great time in the sun at Orcas.

On the way out there, we encountered a brave little Bird, who liked to ride John's board Primo.

On the ferry. Our boards. Mine's the biggest, and therefore the best (but you knew that right?).

Matt (on the left) used to skate Ballard with us quite frequently. Now, since he's moved to Orcas Island, he's living the dream. So, he was so kind to pick all of us up, and drive us to the skatepark. We were stoked. Thanks Matt!

Upon arriving, we met with Dave and crew, and we got ready to skate.

Andy's first time out at Orcas, and I think he had fun.

John is getting up and grinding this big wall.

Ping does a miller flip.

I had been thinking all year about doing airs at Orcas. Too much fun. (Photo Mike Lynch)

This wall was easier to do airs (Photo Ping).

Morris showed up and was ripping as usual, even though he was making excuses for his riding.

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